Schattenvald on vinyl for the first time! With this EP, the staggering masters of the symphonic Black Metal take the inclined listener on a trip to the Frankish mythology, to feast on the bone splintered chalkboard of the primeval fiend in a dizzy and foggy mountain atmosphere full of graceful and dark beauty. On 180 g heavy 12 "vinyl, limited to 250 hand-numbered units! Tracklist: Page A 1. ... and the mountain lasts forever ... 2. The fiendishly indulges undisturbed Page B 3. 1837 4. The three brothers 5. The robbers' Laubersreuth 6th finale Press comments: "Majestic black metal from Bavarian lands between bombast and mangy wildness - definitely recommended! "- Unholy Black Art Of Ritual" Schattenvald unite the Franconian mythology with perfectly mature, raw Black Metal and kidnap thus repeatedly listeners in their rural world. Instrumental there are, even after many auditions, always new to discover. If you want to get away from the modern world for a moment and find yourself in a world full of dark legends, then Shadowvald is in good hands. "- Undergrounded" As a rough guide, the old masters of antlers and the early to middle mountain throne are mentioned here Shadowvald style tends even more to become obscure and folksy. Nevertheless, "... and the mountain lasts forever ..." is raw and unpolished and gives black metallic tones the upper hand. If we speak of old virtues here, then it also includes the enormous strength and catchiness of the riffs, which give the plate a healthy groove as well as a portion of groove. - "Even if you can do little with Black Metal, or the raw, unbridled varieties of the deepest genre backing, you get an idea of the fascination of the genre with" ... and the mountain lasts forever ... ". Schattenvald are neither outstanding nor perfect, but they understand perfectly how to play with the uncut power of atmospherically dense sounds and thereby give new impetus to an "old" genre unbroken in its appeal. "-

Schattenvald - ... and the mountain lasts forever ... LP